Our Committee

The committee at Manchester Central Mosque is made up of 45 individuals from all backgrounds, this is known as the ‘Majlis-E-Shura’.

Out of these 45 members, elections are held every 2 years to determine an Executive committee via a voting system.
The Executive committee consists of 9 members and is responsible for the day to day running of the mosque, administrative issues, maintenance and management of the mosque as well as ensuring the aims and objectives are being fulfilled.

The current positions are:

Hammad Ajmal Khan


The president is the Chairman of the Executive Committee as well as the Majlis-e-Shura and shall preside over all the meetings of the executive and shall be empowered to represent the Jamiat whenever such representation is required.

Bilal Iqbal

(Vice President)

Will perform the duties of the President in his absence as well as to control and supervise all educational matters.

Mohammed Umar Qadir

(General Secretary)

Is responsible for the correspondence of the Executive Committee and attaining records of all communications, certifications / legalities as well as to compile, read and maintain the meeting minutes whilst ensuring the rest of the executive are performing the roles accordingly.

Mohammad Junaid Bin Shahid

(Joint Secretary)

The Joint Secretary would assist the General Secretary and in his absence would assume duties and responsibilities.

Sohail Anwar Kaushal


 Shall be responsible for the maintenance of the cash books, cheque books, files and their custody as well as Keep full accounts of all expenditures and income with supporting documentations.

Anwar Nawaz

(Assistant Treasurer)

The Joint treasurer would assist the Treasurer and in his absence would assume duties and responsibilities.

Sohail Rafique

(Religious Affairs Officer)

Charged with the responsibility of organising and managing religious events throughout the year in order to propagate the true Ahle Sunnah Wajam’at teachings of the Holy Quran, Seerah of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his family), remembrance of special Islamic days and personalities throughout the Islamic calendar.

Mohammed Sajeel Amer

(Welfare Officer & Funeral Director)

In charge of all Muslim funerals that take place in the Masjid. Responsible for all Welfare and community development work both on a local and national level, including Matrimonial services.

Qasim Mohammad Zafar

(Building Officer)

Charged with the responsibility of all current and future construction & development projects including maintenance and health & safety